Pork Politics

Nakakalungkot harapin ang katotohanan sa likod ng pulitika.

Earlier this evening, I engaged in one of the most indepth discussions I had in my life on politics and there, I witnessed politics at its dirtiest. The number one question that shot through my mind: does clean politics even exist? How I see it – politics is a game, a dirty game. And people who want to win the game with their sincerest intentions are left with no choice but to play it the way it has been played by the other contestants.

I feel foolish, pathetic even. Last semester, I voted with the belief that I knew what I was doing, that I weighed my options well, that I was being an intelligent voter. Seems it’s the other way around. So many truths revealed, sometimes I can’t even weigh which the real one is. I’ve become so confused lately. Even the people who really want to serve the people had their own tactics and not all of these were good. I’m beginning to think politics is hopeless and it was naturally established to fool the people!

It hurts because I am stuck in a dilemma. To be aware of the fact that you know some things are done that can make a huge impact on others (which is not always good) and not being able to do anything about it makes me feel like I’m so futile. And the harder part, you’re not sure who fools you and who doesn’t because, at the moment, you’re seeing that they all are fooling you. I can’t blame the people who don’t want to vote. It’s not because they don’t want to exercise their right to vote, in fact, it’s contrary to that. Now, I see. I feel more stupid not seeing this quite earlier in my life.

It pains me because I believe I have an obligation to be met, but can’t pursue it. You want to care, but you don’t know how to show you care anymore. Well what do I do then?

What will these people actually gain from doing such horrid acts? Is it to impose on others what they believe in? Is it for power? For money? For popularity? For credentials? Do they even have to rub it down others’ throats? I don’t get it! What really is the issue here? Is it just here that this kind of politics is occurring? Well, I doubt that part.

It seems quite late, but it is only now that I’ve come to realize that voting for somebody to represent you is a very, very difficult and confusing obligation. It’s cliche, but damn, it’s so true.

I do not want to be involved in these kinds of concerns. But I have no choice but to be involved! I do not want to get into politics. I just hope politics won’t be as hopeless as I sought it to be.


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