Here I am starting my own blog again. I never really consistently managed any of my accounts. Well, except for Facebook and Tumblr, which my friends, classmates and professors choose to use for academic purposes… or maybe not.

And now, why did I create a wordpress account? It started a few days ago. I read an acquiantance’s wordpress and she had a lot going. She expressed her views on current social issues and what-not’s and a lot of people commented on them and shared their views too.

So again, why. I have several friends I can talk to about what I want with. I have an organization more than willing to do that. Because I want to see a wide array of views and angles on certain topics, issues or even art, doodles, etc. trolling or not, prejudiced or not. I want to be able to open myself up to different things, comfortable or not.

So yeah. I might not be able to attend to this often, but. MEH. I get to have a chance to express myself, get to have an outlet at the very least. way to get away from all the stress from college.

What should you be expecting here?

Views from an Agnostic Atheist.
or not.


2 thoughts on “First sensible post not pulled from anywhere else

  1. Truth IS relative! I suggest it as a topic.
    Have you worked out for yourself why this is so?
    I have never really dealt with this on my blog; it is pretty esoteric.

    • Hehe… Well, I agree with this claim because of my experiences, my knowledge about things, the things I’ve read, my environment, etc. I don’t want to impose it to anybody.

      Trying to put it simply, some things work for others, some things don’t. That’s what makes truth relative. A truth for you may not be a truth for me. But still, I want to be able to prove this to myself scientifically. HAHAHA!

      That is why I am going to read on it more!

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